Citizen Patrol

LORNA/LORNW conducts Citizen Patrols to help assure safety in our neighborhoods. You may have seen neighbors on patrol wearing LORNA’s fluorescent chartreuse vests.

The primary objective of Citizen Patrol is to observe, assess, and report suspicious, inappropriate, or criminal activity in our neighborhood. Citizen Patrol does not give its members special authority to confront or take action against any person.

Note: Confrontation or interaction with individuals during suspicious or criminal activity is beyond the scope of Citizen Patrol duties, and is specifically discouraged.

LORNA’s first Citizen Patrol Coordinator, Don Jones, authored our comprehensive Guide to Citizen Patrol. The purpose of the Guide is to provide personal safety guidance in addition to patrolling and reporting guidance for LORNA Neighborhood Watch members who patrol (or walk) in their neighborhoods.

This Guide will aid Citizen Patrols to assess situations and report their observations to authorities should it become necessary. The Guide is also an excellent reference source for non-patrollers.

LORNA Guide to CP - 2013 Revision 1

LORNA members interested in joining Citizen Patrol can obtain a LORNA vest and a copy of the Guide to Citizen Patrol by contacting the current Citizen Patrol Coordinator, Jon Brandt at

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