Eyes & Ears

Welcome to Los Olivos-Riker Neighborhood Watch (LORNW). Established in March 2010, the Watch is an effort to network neighbors for the purpose of keeping our part of the community safe. LORNW is a key program of the Los Olivos-Riker Neighborhood Association (LORNA).

Also established in March of 2010, LORNA helps to fund the Watch and organize community building and community betterment activities within our neighborhoods.

LORNA/LORNW is a completely voluntary group of neighbors with the mission of keeping the Los Olivos-Riker community safe, while also making it stronger. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact LORNA leadership.  You can also request a LORNA vest for citizen patrol by contacting lornawatch@gmail.com.

LORNA sends emails that go out to the neighbors alerting us about suspicious activity and all things safety/security, including information from the Salinas Police Department (SPD). Additionally, the e-mail list is used to keep the neighbors up to date with all the great things going on with LORNA, our community building effort.

If you’d like to be added to the email list, please send a request to lornawatch@gmail.com.

A word about your contact information─it is important we keep your information safe, so only key members of the steering team will have access to your information.

Zone Coordinators (ZCs) and Block Captains (BCs) only have access to the folks who are in their respective zones.

We’ve divided our neighborhood into 13 zones and each zone has a Zone Coordinator. The ZC keeps the neighbors in the loop with respect to what is going on specifically with that zone and generally what is going on with LORNA and LORNW. Zone Coordinators and Block Captains are also the ones who faithfully deliver the Newsletter to you.

We are the Eyes and Ears (E&E) for the SPD, so you will often hear us use “E&E” in our communications to remind us to stay alert.

If you witness suspicious activity please call the SPD non-emergency number at 758.7321. What is suspicious activity? Anything that doesn’t “sit right with you”. Considering you are a resident of the neighborhood, you know what looks out of place. The police request us to call in those activities that don’t sit right with us. That single phone call may prevent a crime from happening. Since neighbors have been looking out for each other, we’ve actually averted some potential break-ins! If you witness a crime in progress, call 911.  Other important city phone numbers can be found at “Who do i call if?

We do our best to impart information by way of the Newsletter, but the most up-to-date, efficient way to be informed and network is to be a part of the email list.

We hope you consider becoming a LORNA member. We suggest a minimum of $10 for a household, but you may give any amount you choose. Your return on your investment is much greater than the dues. Besides receiving a membership decal and a discount on the Citizen Patrol vest, your membership helps to cover the costs incurred in stewarding a successful neighborhood group. There are modest costs such as funding neighborhood activities where we have a chance to meet and hang out with each other, which is the best way to combat crime. Neighborhood Watch works best when neighbors know each other!

Thank you for your interest in keeping our Neighborhood safer and improving our quality of life!

Eyes and Ears!!! Stay safe.

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